Power Tool Industry Innovator
FESTOOL KS120 EB Mitre Saw, KAPEXFestool has been offering innovative power tools ever since the early 1900s. And when you're involved in the industry for close to a century, you end up producing some amazing products. From sanders to saw systems, Festool offers a wide variety of products which are all backed by years of quality engineering and innovation.
Signs of an Industry Leader
In fact, Festool was the first company to offer orbital sanders in the market, changing the surface treatment industry forever. Instead of falling back on old glory, Festool has continuously evolved with time, offering top of the line power tools to this very day.
Cost of Quality
But as we all know, quality comes at a price. We would all love to have a full Festool system in our arsenal but such can be very costly. This is where Mississauga Hardware Centre comes to the rescue. By being one of the largest official dealers of Festool in Canada, Mississauga Hardware Centre is able offer competitive pricing which cannot be matched by a typical hardware store. Mississauga Hardware Centre is able to deal with such volume by having an online outlet store which is designed to streamline the sales process. By cutting any excess procedure in the distribution process, Mississauga Hardware Centre is able to offer low prices on high quality items.
See for Yourself
FESTOOL TS 55 Circular Saw When you visit www.mississaugahardware.com, you will be able to see Mississauga Hardware Centre's compressive online catalogue, which can be browsed through categories or by searching a specific keyword (e.g. Festool Sander). The following are just some of the Festool products that you will be able to find at Mississauga Hardware Centre.
  • FESTOOL CT 36 E HEPA Dust Extractor
  • FESTOOL EHL 65 E Planer
  • FESTOOL ETS 150/5 6" Random Orbit Sander
  • FESTOOL KS120 EB Mitre Saw
  • FESTOOL MFK 700 Modular Trim Router
  • FESTOOL MFT/3-KAPEX Multifunction Table
  • FESTOOL OF 1400 EQ Router
  • FESTOOL PSB 300 Jigsaw
  • FESTOOL T 15+3 Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Set
  • FESTOOL TS 75 Circular Saw

If you have found what you're looking for, you're only few clicks away from having the tools delivered right to your door. When you create an account at Mississauga Hardware Centre, your shopping experience will become even easier since you won't have to enter all your information again. If you haven't done it already, visit www.mississaugahardware.com to create your new account and start saving.

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